The 5 Golden Rules for meetspeak

Preface: »Honesty is the best policy«, and we claim it also as the motto for this site. Providing accurate information will prevent disappointment and frustration down the road. Good conduct and clear understanding will enable both language partners to achieve the best possible language results.

The Process - Know How

1] Active language practice is required. Simply writing emails doesn?t count. Meeting and talking in person is essential. Talking on the telephone or over Skype are alternative solutions, though neither are as effective.

2] The meeting point (a public place such as a café is recommended) and length of time will be arranged over email. At least an hour is the standard time for the meeting.

3] The two languages should by no means be intermingled; please do not create a possible third ?mixed? language to clarify problematic words!

4] Each language must be spoken exclusively for at least half an hour (or half the set time for the meeting, as the case may be). A weekly meeting is customary; longer time intervals between meetings are not conducive to successful language acquisition.

5] Smiling is fine, but laughing at your partner is not.

Have fun!

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